El Taller Art Gallery

Our mission is to support, inspire and educate the local emerging and established arts community, customers, and guests in the El Taller art gallery. We provide a high quality source of visual art, and create an exciting venue for artists to exhibit and sell work. El Taller is committed to showing a wide range of work in a variety of styles and mediums.

Submission Guidelines

• All submissions must be emailed to gallery@eltallerarts.com. We do not accept walk-in submissions.

• Artist will provide a minimum of 8 examples of work to be exhibited at El Taller.

• Label images by title or number, then include in your email a corresponding list with title, medium, size, date completed and price. Submissions without complete listings will not be considered.

A one-page artist statement.

• List the title of the show in the email subject line.

• Include your name and phone number.

• List any special requirements for hanging or displaying the work.

Gallery Agreement

• Artist will create labels and signage for artwork, bio and exhibition title.

• Artist will provide a flyer for social media promotion, and any printed materials for advertisement.

• Shows are marketed through El Taller’s social media accounts, @eltaller_arts.

• Framing. All artwork designed for wall display must be framed and ready to hang for installation. All hardware, framing, and mounting preparation is the responsibility of the Artist.

• Work exhibited at El Taller will be for sale at the Artist’s discretion. The gallery retains 10% of sales. Artist will be paid within 30 days of the show’s end date.

• Artist must be present on the scheduled days to hang and remove artwork when El Taller is Closed. It is the responsibility of the artist to remove all artwork from the premises. El Taller will not store artwork, and failure of removal may result in a forfeit of the work.


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