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El Taller Gallery Opening Reception

"#Gumby VS The World" 

Opening reception Saturday, December 7th at 7 PM. Artist Talk at 7:45 PM


Castro-Yves Arboite

“# Gumby VS The World” (A whimsical insight into the life of a bendable toy)

My photographic subject matters have always been about as fickle as Dug’s attention span from the movie UP. My interests range from nature, portraiture, urban decay, fashion and anything else that catches my eye. However the one thing that does remain constant is this: I’m never without a Gumby in my pocket. At barely 2 inches tall, this little bendable toy I carry around everywhere gives me all the more reasons to appreciate all there is around me, and be ever so conscious of the little things (literally).


My creative process with this series is quite erratic, but there is always an emotion behind each shot. The challenge I pose to myself is that of finding ways to give this ever-smiling inanimate character purpose, personality and emotion. The evolution of the #gumbyvstheworld project has been a long one with each new shot being more and more audacious than the next but always with a quirky tongue-in-cheek undertone.


I think of these photographs as a way to step back and enjoy the things that are usually taken for granted, but most importantly as a means to stay in touch with my inner child. When the pace of life quickens we begin to see the scenery around us as an unchanging landscape and there’s barely time to look at the world with eyes of wonder and curiosity. Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” And what better way to keep in touch with the artist in me than shooting with good ole Gumby ^_^ 

Gumby's mini books will be raffled off at the opening reception... Take one home!

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