Local Musicians Wanted!

El Taller is a bookstore / café at 275 Essex St in Lawrence. 

We are looking for local musicians to perform on Friday and Saturday nights from 8:00 to 10:00pm beginning in the fall. We are unable to pay musicians at this time but will have a 
voluntary cover charge/tips jar that will go to the musicians and you are welcome to do CD sales as well (and we offer a free meal and coffee) We offer a relaxed and artistic atmosphere and are looking for similar type acts that our patrons can enjoy (funk, hip-hop, folk, latin, jazz, classical, bluegrass, etc.) 

If you are interested in performing, send an email with information 
about yourself and your music and links to your website/youtube/facebook/Soundcloud.


GRIND | Skateboard Art Show | Call For Artists

Purchase a blank deck to reserve entry space in the GRIND Skateboard Art Show presented by El Taller Coffee Shop & Bookstore. All Decks must be pre-ordered by June 23rd. You will receive an e-mail when your deck can be picked up at El Taller (275 Essex Street Lawrence, MA 01840 | 978-965-4145). Final Deck Artwork must be dropped off at El Taller no later than Tuesday, August 12th. 

*Artists interested in selling their skateboard at the Opening Reception must notify El Taller when submitting artwork. 

Show us your process -----> #GrindLawrence #eltaller #eltallerarts #lawtown 

El Taller & Cafe Azteca in the Media

I caught a bit of the the Red Sox game on NESN sports network the other night, (Aug. 28th). I know this is old news... but Eastern Bank ran their "Lawrence First" ad again, originally aired July 17th. (You can find the video below). It features some great landmarks and businesses in Lawrence. Two of the businesses are obviously very important to me, Cafe Azteca and El Taller! The ad is only a small sliver of what it truly means to be from Lawrence and not even a twelve disc documentary box set would be sufficient on the subject matter! There I got that off my chest. 

Below I grabbed some screen shots of some of the great people who are not actors, who Eastern Bank were lucky to get for this commercial!

Here is the commercial that I mentioned and below that is the more in depth "ad" that  Eastern Bank shot, it features my brother talking about what we strive to do here in El Taller!  Enjoy!

 Uploaded by easternbank on 2013-07-17.

Uploaded by easternbank on 2013-07-19.

Book Spotlight


Death in the Andes 


A Review by Aidan O'Brien


Available for purchase at El Taller!

Mario Vargas Llosa’s Death in the Andes revolves around Corporal Lituma and his Deputy Tomas, as they attempt to guard a town from a vicious rebellion raging in the mountains, whilst trying to explain the strange disappearances among the workforce building a highway nearby. It is a book about the hidden paths through which the past becomes our reality, and about how we choose to describe that reality to others and ourselves. Llosa’s playful prose manages to convey the brutality of the guerrilla rebellion while simultaneously crafting softer moments, such as the story Tomas tells Lituma at night, about his great heartache. The book delves into Peruvian culture, taking us from the coast deep into the mountains and the suspicious, ancient culture of those that live there. An intense, funny, heart-wrenching read, it works its way into the cracks of modern society and asks us how far we think we have come, forcing us to consider how delicate our progress truly is. 


  • Check out this this book and other page turning books at El Taller!

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